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Expat Ukraine - www.expatua.com - was established in 2003 as a communication platform both for expatriates in Ukraine and those who are just looking for practical advice for visiting the country.

We are really proud of our forum with over 5,000 members from the key cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Lviv, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Odessa but also from the smaller towns and villages. It is much more than a traditional touristic guide. Over the past 10 years Expat Ukraine has helped thousands of expats to adapt here: to find a job or an apartment, to move the family, to buy a pet or… even to opt for a decent haircut.

The website provides information that has been commissioned – not just copied from other resources – and addresses many of the common questions that foreigners ask. The forum is a lively contemporary place for information and sharing of views and is the largest and most comprehensive online resource for expats in Ukraine. In addition, we have a number of partners –  respectable companies - who are experts in their field and on hand to help with  up-to-date practical news and advice.

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