Where to stay in Ukraine?

Kiev, pushed initially by the Euro 2012 Championship hosting and more recently Eurovision 2017 and now the Champions League Final in 2018, now offers guests a wide range of accommodation options.  Short-term visitors can reasonably stay either at the numerous hotels (or hostels) or can rent an apartment. Expats, working in the country for a longer term, typically rent apartments or houses.

There are a few international hotel chains presented in Ukraine but that is not enough for the whole country which has an enormous historical heritage and significant recreational capacity. Most of them are of 5 and 4 stars categories and heavily concentrated in the major cities. A few Ukrainian hotel chains and private top-range hotels, which had been set up before the international competitors came, have been trying to hold their position. Frankly, some of them have made a go of it. Nevertheless, limited choice affects the hotel prices in Ukraine and so rates here often exceed European corresponding categories.

It’s often a tricky question to find an option for good quality at a reasonable price here. Mini-hotels and private apartments to rent may be considered as the best choice in the middle price category. Ex-Soviet hotels, commonly announced as 2-3 stars accommodation, suffer from insufficient management and their service often does not match the European standards.

Don't rely on finding accommodation aligned with international standards outside the big cities, popular touristic areas or far from the main highways. The deprived parts of Ukraine have been rambling between socialism and initial capitalism, having gained almost nothing.

Ukraine is friendly to backpackers and you easily get lifts (either for charge or for free – up to chance) elsewhere in the country. “Green” or ecologic tourism has become more and more popular in Ukraine, especially in the Western region, so if you either need just an asylum for a night or intend to experience rural facilities, you get your chance.

Following the Ukrainian car market growth, mini-motels have appeared along the main highways and on the big cities fringes. Sometimes restaurant and recreational complexes offer services as well as an overnight stay. As regards Kyiv suburbs, Varshavska and both Obukhivsky intercity highways are famous for high concentration of these places.

Besides common tourist seasonal price movements, these dates see a hike in prices:
Jan, 1st-8th: New Year and the Orthodox Christmas
May 1st-9th: so called ‘May holidays’, all over CIS, incl. Ukraine;
Apr, 1st: ‘The Humour Day’ in Odessa;
Last weekend of May: ‘Kyiv Day’
The middle-end of May: the chestnut trees and lilac blooming period in Kiev – the best and the most overcrowded period in the capital;
Aug, 24th and - usually – the neighbour days: ‘The Independence Day’, all over the country...
Jun, 15th – Sep, Oct (depending on the weather): the high beach season on the Black Sea coast resorts.

How to Improve your Rental Business

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