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Christmas markets & typhoid shots

While we had planned to enjoy a quiet pre-Christmas week in Kiev, friends were heading to Budapest to see the Christmas markets.  Once again swayed by the "when else will we be this close" logic, we decided to join....

Need wood?

Our wood burning stove is fantastic – especially as don’t have any mains gas yet. Heating up 240 sqm of concrete in cold weather is not an  easy task but already the stove is working and taking off the chill.

Ukraine in Crisis - REFL

-- Ukraine says it will hand over control of an investigation into the Malaysian airliner crash to international experts and suggested the Netherlands should lead the process. 

Radio Free Europe Live Blog

Telegraph - live blog

Ukraine Live Blog Live - Al Jazeera

Latest developments in Ukraine


The ukrainian protests

Let’s get real about the situation in Ukraine, it is in fact a war. It’s a war that has been waged by the Victor Yanukovych “mafia” against the sovereignty of the Ukrainian people since the Orange Revolution in 2004. It is only in the past few weeks that this war has escalated from political, economic and individual attacks, to violence against the people who have been peacefully demonstrating against the Yanukovych regime for the past two months.


Cato Institute: America Should Stay Out

Nine years after the so-called Orange Revolution against electoral fraud, opponents of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich hope to stage a repeat.  But the issue today, whether Kiev aligns economically with Europe or Russia, doesn’t much concern the U.S. 

In 2004 the Orange Revolution helped deliver the presidency to Western-favorite Viktor Yushchenko, a disastrous incompetent.  Yanukovich narrowly won the 2009 race. 

The Exhaust Fumes of Stalinism

The religious dimension of the EuroMaidan protests in Ukraine these past two months has gone largely unremarked. Yet in Kiev and elsewhere, the day’s activities at these oases of civil society are punctuated with prayers offered by clergymen of a variety of Christian communities: Orthodox, Greek Catholic, Protestant.

Why did Putin bail out Ukraine??

Russia is bailing out Ukraine to the tune of $15 billion (albeit with plenty of strings attached).


Expat Poll

With Russia now acting aggressively in the Azov sea what should happen next?

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