documents legislationThe website is not large enough to go into the ins and outs of the legal system here in Ukraine. It is a country that has some of the most numerous and complex laws in the world and nobody really is doing anything to lift the burden on the person in the street or business. The lawmakers make more money being consulted and advising how to get through the minefield and the antiquated laws on fire safety or construction or licensing mean that compliance is difficult and often requires unofficial payments.

Bear in mind that corruption is rife here – it is a country where hard cash speaks volumes and gets you to the front of queue. The local lawyers are evaluated as regards their troubleshooting capability: to possess useful links with the officials and within judgment system. That is the most asked-for professional feature here.  It is endemic, but so the things are.

If you are doing business here you will need a good law firm – one that has experience of western practice but is fully versed with the peculiarities of trying to run a company here.

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