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office in KievSince 2009 offices have been in less demand - but more have been built. Unfortunately the quality of offices sometimes falls well-short of Western expectations. Nevertheless, diverse options – from private apartments to class A space can be leased on favourable terms. Modern business centres are concentrated mostly in few cities around the country: in Kiev (predominantly), Donetsk, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa. 

Class A real estate suffers from lack of demand the most due to both local business and many representatives of the international companies cut expenses, renting offices in less prestigious locations or even private apartments of 100-200 sqm. For example, in such historical cities as Odessa or Lviv large business complexes are placed out the central part of the city and it is easier to find space for office in dwelling house, if location is of priority. Kiev is the versatility place in this term, as you can find any type of office premises both in the centre and on the fringes. Some large international companies, which business is tightly linked to warehousing, rent offices at logistic parks around Kiev.

Office co-working may be also considered as an appropriate option to rent in the modern business centre in prestigious location for reasonable cost. Some A-class buildings operators provide with this service as well.

These are reference costs for office renting in business centres in some big cities (for sqm/month):

Kiev (Kyiv)

  • А category - $30-40 (+ $6-10 of operating costs)
  • В category - $12-35 (+ $2-6 of operating costs)
  • Office space in the renewed buildings or business centres of C and lower rank - $10-17

*20% tax is not included
*Apartments for office purpose of 50-80 sqm - $200-600 for total space (depending on location)

Average charge for 1 sq.m in Kiev shoppping malls - $200-250.


  • A, B categories - $8-15
  • C category - $6-8


  • A category - up to $35
  • B catrgory - $10-22


  • A category - $12-17
  • B, C category - $8-10
  • Apartments for office - from $6


  • A, B categories - $8-12
  • C category - $6-8


  • A, B categories - $15-25

Taking proposal exceeds demand considerably, large offices spaces and long-term rent contracts may be negotiated to cut prices significantly.

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