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If you settle here sooner or later you will decide that it’s time to invest in a car. All we can say is “please do your research”!!! Many expats have driven into Ukraine with their own car and not realised that you cannot do that indefinitely; some have bought cars that turned out were  smuggled in without the customs duty being paid;  Others plan to bring in their 1972 Mustang and expect to have a hassle free import experience.

Just don’t. If you want a car – then buy one here and put up with the fact that it is likely to be over-priced and under-maintained.
Caveat Emptor is a phrase that could have been tailor-made for someone buying a car here.
You have been warned!

To buy a new car

Majority of the international auto brands are present in the official car dealers’ outlets here. Dealing with them warrants legal status of a car, defence of your consumer right, technical support, provided by the producer. Besides, the dealer facilitates you with state registration and purchasing the compulsory insurance police on civil liability at the showroom directly. The official representatives always have a few English-speaking managers on their staff. List of the official dealers can be found on the importer’s (or distributor’s) in Ukraine web site.

Key advantages of the ‘grey’ (unofficial) dealers are delivery speed and access to any model or its options you like. Whereas the official ones are severely limited with the contract obligations and regional production capacity, their ‘grey’ colleagues are more flexible in their twofold business.

While estimating your inputs into a car, don’t forget to add state taxes, registration fee, cost of the compulsory the Third person civil liability insurance policy (they are counted depending on the engine volume and cost of the car). You may also spend on the voluntary police – ‘CASCO’ (Fully comprehensive transport vehicle insurance) that guarantee refund if your car got damaged or was stolen. By and large, mandatory payments may reach 30% upwards of your car cost.

To buy or sell a second-hand car

The relevant Web sites and the ‘to buy and sell’ print bulletins are the common meeting points to find a used car. Most of them are in Russian, so you should flip to Google translate.

There are also the open-air auto markets in majority of the big cities here. As regards Kyiv, it is situated at two Oboukhiv highways furcation in the south of the city.

Notice, all the relevant legislation procedures are rather complicated, so it is worth to get expert consultancy on mandatory payments beforehand.

Be extremely careful while buying a second-hand car. That may be stolen in other country, smuggled or being camouflaged after had got damaged.

Check out the “Transport” section of our Forum to speak to our expats who have bought and sold cars in Ukraine…

Either you buy a new or second-hand vehicle it is worth to trust registration procedure to a qualified person or to ask for accompanying at least. Handling with the state motor-car police offices is a painstaking job in terms of language problem, time expense and stress, affected by the tangled legal procedures.


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