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Visa to UkrainaVisa categories

From September 10, 2011 new laws, determining entering Ukraine for non-residents, came into power. They are aimed to simplify the visa classification system and procedure of getting it for some categories of foreigners.

Currently there are just 3 types of Ukrainian visa (instead of 22 previously):

1. Transit visa (B): single-entry, double-entry and multiple-entry.
2. Shortterm visa (C): single-entry, double-entry and multiple-entry that allows entrance Ukraine for a period of 90 days within a period of 180-day term.
3. Longterm visa (D): for the purposes of applying for a temporary residence permit, which implies the right to stay in Ukraine for more than 90 days.

Besides, visa-free and visa particular regimes were established for a number of countries (EU, the North American and other highly developed mostly).

Charge for each category varies lightly – get aware about this issue in your close Ukrainian consulate.

If you have to get a visa to Ukraine, here you can find a list of the documents to be submitted for applying.

Longterm visa

This, a single-entry visa, is issued for 45-day period, during which a temporary residence permit must be obtained. It is early days for the new system but it looks as though the Ukrainian Government is cracking down on visa requirements so that it falls in line with EU requirements. You can complain and bitch about this but rules are rules. In essence if you are eligible and want to come here for 90 days leave for 90 days then come back then that is OK. If you want to exceed that period of 90 days in 180 then you need a reason to be here as set out below in the “Conditions for obtaining a visa to Ukraine“. You will hear tales of people who leave after 90 days and come straight back in without a problem but this cannot go on indefinitely and is not advisable in 2012 the number of people needing to pay fines has increased. If any of this is unclear pop onto the forum as visa aspects are always the subject of considerable discussion so contemporary advice can easily be found or requested. However, please note that this advice and those of forum members is only opinion. You should always seek proper legal advice.

In line with the new law update, the Longterm visa is mandatory for applying for a temporary residence permit. Besides, spouses of persons, got such a document, may apply for a temporary residence permit as well. In this case a documental proof of their marriage should be submitted.

Crimea is under Russian occupstion now and the visa policy of Russia applies. Ukraine announced that foreigners should comply with Ukrainian visa regime including obtaining a Ukrainian visa if one is necessary and that otherwise it may entail sanctions for support of the temporary occupation of the Ukrainian territory.

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