Throughout Ukraine cinemas show imported films that have been dubbed into Ukrainian. Although a night at the movies in Ukrainian is the very best possible language practice, it is frustrating if you simply want to enjoy the picture.

Recently, the situation changed a bit and Kyiv theatres started showing some new films in English, including big blockbusters such as Star Wars and Marvel Universe movies. Check out our Events section to learn more about scheduled showings.

Cinemas, owned with the local modern cinema chains, correspond to the world standards here. Comfort addicts can relax in places, fit-out like premium chill-outs. Fans of high-end technology consume mass culture arts in 3D halls. Numerous multiplexes don’t let you go trapping from one show to another round-the-clock. The average price for movie ticket in Kiev fluctuates between UAH 50-100. Overhauled cinemas of Soviet origin offer lower comfort, so far charge less - for UAH 20-45.

Ukrainian cinema market is totally based on the imported pop product. There are very few cinemas which set art-house, non-commercial and ethnic film sessions: e.g. ‘Zhovten’, ‘Kinopanorama’, ‘Cinema house’ in Kiev. Sometimes ‘Blockbuster’ multiplex arranges thematic or retrospective movie sessions. Track their playbills for a case to enjoy shows in foreign languages.

As regards regular sessions, ‘Kinopanorama’ offers each Thu 'English CinemaClubs'. Those meetings comprise both English-language films viewing and the following English-speaking discussion. This initiative mainly aims training English speaking skills rather than keeping in touch with the international cinema trends.

Cinema tickets are available at cinemas box-offices or may be booked on-line.

Some more information - our Forum.

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