Kyiv Opens a New Futuristic Center for Public Services

Kyiv Oblast Administration opens a brand new futuristic hub for the public services, where citizens can order and receive documents without traditional Ukrainian bureaucracy.

“Gotovo” is a pilot project of the Kyiv region with a purpose of fighting the corruption and bureaucracy. The 65 employees who will be working there were selected on the basis of having no experience in the field of licensing and permits. The founders promise a friendly staff instead of stiff government officials, which you have to beg.

The center will provide more than 130 administrative services in different areas: registration of property rights, business registration, migration, architecture and engineering, and many others. Also, over time "Gotovo" center plans to register marriages.

“Gotovo” has a front office and a back office, and it eliminates the risks of corruption, founders say - the front office receives the documents and back-office draws them without any contact with the client.

The cost depends on the urgency. If you can wait 14 days, it will be cheaper to you. If the document needs 30 minutes, you will have to pay more. All fees for the services are approved at the legislative level. You can pay for the services in any bank, also online and in the four terminals on-site.

The clients waiting for their turn can have a snack in the café or see pieces of contemporary art in the house and in the yard.

We are waiting for the response, whether the employees in the Center will know any English or other languages and will they provide the foreigner registration or not. Stay tuned!

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