Guide to May Holidays in Ukraine

May holidays are a long-standing tradition in Ukraine from Soviet times. Usually, Ukrainians have two public holidays for the International Labor Day (1st and 2nd of May), one holiday for the Easter and one for the Victory day (9th of May).

Labor Day gradually lost its meaning after the collaps of USSR, but some political parties and unions still organize demonstrations on this day. 

This year, the official may holidays will consist of 6 days: April 30th, May 1st—May 3rd, May 7th—May 9th.

Guide to Ukrainian Easter Celebration

Why do Ukrainian people celebrate three Easters? Where are all the bunnies and egg hunts? Find it out below!


Ukrainians celebrate Easter different from Western Europeans. There is no candy, bunnies or presents. But still, it’s a very beautiful holiday connecting different traditions – Christian, pagan and folk ones.

Ukraine is a home to Orthodox, Catholic and Jewish people, and all these religions celebrate Easter on different days. So, some families can even celebrate two or three Easters! Some years, the Easters coincide on the same day too.


Kyiv Flower Show

April 22 – May 29, 2016

9:00 – 21:00

Singing Field, Kyiv

Entrance: 30 uah (free for kids under 7 and pensioners)


In the second half of April Singing Field in Kiev city traditionally holds an exhibition of tulips. The territory of Pechersk Landscape Park in Kyiv blooms with tens of thousands of flowers in spring. Here, the exhibition of tulips is held. In 2016, the exhibition will be called "The Blossom Rivers".

Spring Retro Cruise in Odessa

Moon Square

Prymorska street

May 7—May 8, 2016

Start at 12:00


Odessa hosts a unique event – Spring Retro Cruise, the holiday of good traditions and British style.

Retro Cruise is an analogue of a world famous Tweed Run, which first happened in London in 2009. Today Tweed Run gathers all the fans of British traditions not only in Great Britain, but in other countries too.

This year the British Retro Cruise will take place in Odessa, in Moon Square.

Jewish Festival Hillel JeWish Fest in Kyiv

Art Prichal Gallery

Naberegno-Khreshatycka naberezhna, pier #2

April 17th, 2016



Kyiv hosts the first city festival of Jewish culture Hillel JeWish Fest. Organizers show that Jewish culture means a lot more than you can imagine!

Try authentic Jewish and Israeli food, cosher wines and groceries, traditional and modern clothes, jewelry, cosmetics. Have a chance to meet famous businessmen, startupers and cultural figures.

Legal Guide for Foreigners in Ukraine: Special English-speaking event

Nexia DK & British Business Club in Ukraine invitate you for special English-speaking event for foreigners.

DATE:     APRIL 14, 2016 AT 16:00 (registration starts at 15:30) Expected duration: 1,5-2 hours           

PLACE:  Kiev, 8 Illinska str., Business Centre "ILLINSKY"


Street Food Festival Ulichnaya eda

April 16-17, 2016
11 AM to 11 PM
Art Zavod Platforma
1 Bilomorska street, Kyiv
Entrance: 50 UAH for a day


Popular street food festival Ulichnaya eda opens a season of outdoor food festivals with a new format. More participants, more entertainment and unforgettable experience!

Oysters and hotdogs, wok noodles and snails, sandwiches with pastrami and mussels, eclairs and cupcakes, Corean and Israeli cuisine will be present.

Various entertainment for kids and adults, DJs, master classes, attractions, etc.

Book Festival in Mystetsky Arsenal

April 20 — April 24 2016
Mystetsky Arsenal
10-12 Lavrska street, Kyiv


Kiev Book Arsenal - International Festival of Literature and Art – will be held in Kyiv April 20 to April 24. The program includes performances of well-known writers, philosophers, literary figures and artists from a dozen countries, the book fair, lectures, exhibitions, workshops. Detailed program here.

Trumbo: Films in English

In 1947, Dalton Trumbo (Bryan Cranston) was Hollywood's top screenwriter until he and other artists were jailed and blacklisted for their political beliefs. TRUMBO (directed by Jay Roach) recounts how Dalton used words and wit to win two Academy Awards and expose the absurdity and injustice of the blacklist, which entangled everyone from gossip columnist Hedda Hopper (Helen Mirren) to John Wayne, Kirk Douglas and Otto Preminger.

Coffee Festival in Kyiv

April 1—April 3 2016

Art-zavod Platforma

1 Bilomorska street, Kyiv

Entrance: 50 uah

From 1st to 3rd of April Art-zavod Platforma will hold Kyiv Coffee Festival.

Within the event, there will be 3 national championships hosted by Speciality Coffee Association of Europe SCAE:

XII Ukrainian Barista Championship,
II Ukrainian Brewers Cup Championship,
II Ukrainian Aeropress Championship.


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