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School bell in UkrainaSchool education is compulsory and free of charge for children from 6/7 years old in Ukraine. Depending on terms of chosen period of studying in entry school, basic school education is to be completed either at age of 14 or 16. Having got the certificate on basic secondary school completion, a teenager may proceed educating either at upper secondary school (for 2 more years) or enter higher education institutions of I-II levels (colleges).

The dominant majority of secondary schools in Ukraine are public. State specialized and private institutions are available as well. Taking public schools are under-paid, well-off and European-oriented families don’t even consider them as appropriate option to get a kid there. Most private institutions are concentrated in Kiev and other big cities.

Annual fee differs across the country: charge for the prestigious schools in the capital fluctuates within USD 16,000-17,000, whereas it reaches just up to USD 2,000 – 5,000 out of Kiev. Just international private schools offer choice on instruction foreign language. Depending on your kid’s further education plans, get aware what kind of certificate the institution is authorized to provide you with: aligned with the international standard, recognized by Ukrainian higher school or both.

Complementary fees of different kinds commonly arise both for clients of private and state institutions. As regards public schools, though they are declared as free of charge, extortions by school management (named as ‘voluntary aid’) are all-around practice and may reach up to several hundred Hryvnas per month.

There has been a trend of the Ukraine creme de la creme to send their offspring to the best European boarding schools. So, it is up to you…

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