Cosmetic care

Ukraine has been turning into a really popular destination for health and cosmetic tourism in Eastern Europe. A number of clinics of that specialization have increased gradually.

Surprisingly though, aesthetic and plastic surgery is not legally defined as a particular medical branch: there is no relevant state license on that kind of service. So far, some simple manipulations (e.g. the botox ‘beauty’ injections, laser treatment etc.) are provided with many ordinary beauty salons, which staff hardly comprises a specialist with entry medical education.  In case of any surgery invasions, we strictly recommend to address reputable specialized medical centers, officially licensed for carrying surgery performance, possessing the proved portfolio and staffed with professional medical specialists. (The professional aesthetics surgeon must have higher medical education on clinical surgery as background and post-graduate qualification on plastic surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, reconstructive surgery or any other type of aesthetic cosmetic surgery. Top-rank specialists are endorsed by membership of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).)  Besides, respectable clinics commonly target both local and overseas clientele, so can communicate foreign-language speaking visitors.

Due to poor legislation, it is rather difficult to sue and win a lawsuit in case of unsatisfied outcome or the doctor’s mistake. Risk is compensated by attractive costs, comparing to the world practice. Here is the list of some cosmetic surgery invasions (appr. estimation):

  • botox injection - $150-400,
  • eyes blepharoplasty - $300-500,
  • nose job - $800-3000 (from zone correction to complex rhinoplasty),
  • breast augmentation - $900-5600,
  • liposuction – from $150-350 (for one zone),
  • buttock lift - $1500-1800.

There are plenty of beauty and spa salons all around Ukraine, which perform in all price categories. Their staff qualification and service level distinguishes too. Though such establishments are rather sophisticated in self-promo, the locals prefer to rely on personal endorsements. Some specialists are so asked-for that you need to assign a visit a month beforehand at least.

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