Popularity of dentist craft is similar to pharmacy and notaries public – private clinics of diverse sizes can be met barely each step here. Frankly, Ukraine inherited very strong dental school from Soviet Union. Many emigrants to the U.S. and European countries use an occasion to visit their relatives here both for a nice chance to check-up at the proved doctors. Local prices differ from the charge for dentist service in, for example, USA, significantly and may start from:
* local anaesthesia – from UAH 50;
* constant filling with the photopolymer – from UAH 160-200;

* ceramic corona dentist (zircon) – appr. UAH 1600-3500;
* implantation – from UAH 5000;
* doctor’s consultancy – in case of treating – free.

Commercial establishments commonly charge more than public. Even you address the dentist in local state medical consultancy (‘poliklinika’) you should pay for better materials and some services (e.g. for going for X-ray). Cost in regional clinics is 15-25% lower.

Full range of modern dental procedures is available in Ukraine. Commercial clinics are better equipped and offer more comfort, nevertheless high-profiled specialists may be met elsewhere. (Poor financing for the state clinics is compensated with the ‘pocket tips’.) So, personal endorsement and word-of-mouth is of key importance here.

It would be incorrect to consider Ukrainian dental service as just as economic, defined just with cost component. The local dental school is reputable and advanced in, e.g., dental implant surgery. Some local dentists have strong reputation in the international professionfl society by, e.g., implementing titanium and stem cell implant technology and complex healing approach as well.  

Taking high dentists' proficiency, relevant prices and up-to-date comfort service level, Ukraine became a dentist tourism destination. Language barrier seems to be the only problem to experience local treatment advantages, due to majority of dental specialists don’t speak English. Though medical assistance companies (like our partner – Medicare4U) facilitate foreigners addressing English-speaking dentists.

Dental emergency service

 According to ukrainian legislation, any dental clinic, including private, has no right to refuse with providing first aid to a patient who requested it (of course when talking about the working hours).

Some clinics provide such assistance round the clock. In this case, the choice will be limited. Such emergency care is priced under the hospital pricing policies, which addressed the patient.

If the hospital can not provide emergency care due to the lack of necessary equipment or specialist, clinic staff should advise and share contacts of the specialized or field-oriented first aid clinics to the patient.

The symptoms when the urgent dental care is needed:

- tooth pain, a significant temperature rise that is most likely associated with toothache

- changes in the oral cavity (oedema, swelling of the mucous).

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