Medical emergency service for foreigners in Ukraine is provided with the emergency insurance policy availability. In general, medical emergency care system is state, but particular private clinics (just in few big cities) have their own ambulance facilities. Public medical ambulance is free of charge (compensated with “Prosto strakhuvannya” medical emergency insurance for foreigners). Nevertheless be ready to buy some medicines and consumables due to state medical services are underfunded. Private emergency (if is not compensated with your insurance company) is rather expensive (e.g. in Kiev: basic emergency call by “Boris” clinic’s  service – UAH 900-1000, by “Medicom’ – UAH 800-850).

There is no local equivalent to the “911” emergency line in Ukraine. There are emergency numbers to call in case of:

  • Fire – 101
  • Police – 102
  • Ambulance – 103.

Save the number 103 in your phone, or keep it somewhere close to hand – it is the number to call in Ukraine if you require emergency medical assistance.

Operators generally do not speak English.

The official standards state the ambulance should get to the patient in 10 minutes term in the cities and within 20 minutes in the country side. The latter can be hardly managed due to lack of the vehicles and bad quality of roads. Dominant majority of ambulance cars of public emergency service are out of date and not comfortable.

In case of emergency hospitalization one person (a near relation, a partner, a friend etc.) is allowed to attend the patient to hospital in an ambulance car.

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