Hospitals and Clinics

There are several hospitals and clinics in every city in Ukraine. However, if you have a choice as to which ones to visit, bear in mind that not all of them are equipped up to date, and not all medical professionals speak any languages other than Ukrainian or Russian. Besides as regards applying to an ordinary local state medical consultancy (‘poliklinika’), you should be officially registered in the corresponding location.

If your need consultancy on not-urgent surgical procedure, you’d better to address either one of the reputable commercial clinics or the relevant state specialized hospitals, which are financed relatively well and hold the leading position in particular branches of medicine (e.g. The Heart Centre and Clinic at The National institute of cardiovascular surgery named after M. Amosov in Kiev or so-called The Burn centre in Donetsk). Whereas the top-rank commercial clinics provide English-speaking services, you will need an interpreter to communicate experts of the state institutions. Sure, this stuff seems to be rather complicated for a foreigner, so we may recommend you to address English-speaking medical consultancy service to help you: for example, our partner - American Medical Centers.

Specialised clinics and consultancies (e.g. fertility, dermatology and venereology, ophthalmology etc.) have appeared all around the country, though just very few of them have in-patient service. So in case of heavy disease you will be taken either to public hospital or to commercial one (if it is covered with your medical insurance policy or if you are able to pay for that). Out-patient examination and following – treatment - is rather popular in many commercial institutions.

Cost of 1- day staying in a ward in Kiev commercial hospitals fluctuates UAH 1200-8000 (depending on the ward comfort category); 1-hour ambulance service – appr. UAH 200-350.

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