Though the law 1997 requiring all visitors to Ukraine to obtain mandatory emergency insurance came into power in 1997, no boarder or custom officers are empowered to check it availability on your arriving to the country. So, in fact, if you are from the country of free entering regime to Ukraine, you may ignore that paper. The other case, if you are a citizen of the country, which has to apply for Ukrainian visa. Emergency policy may be defined as one of the documents to be submitted in the package of mandatory statements and documents.

You must have the health emergency policy if you tend to stay in Ukraine for job and study, for getting the temporary resident permit.

Anyway, we recommend you to take care about medical care insurance policy (including emergency) beforehand your trip to the country. Ask your insurance agent about your policy, if it is valid in Ukraine.

You can purchase health insurance policy in Ukraine as well. Prosto Strahuvannya” (ex-“Ukrinmedstrakh”) was officially defined as an operator for providing foreigners with emergency policy. The cost of emergency medical insurance, in line with the official data, does not depend on the term of validity, or type of, visa but on the length of a foreigner’s stay in Ukraine. To estimate that charges approximately: from 1 to 5 days – about $3, for 30 days – $12, from 181 to 210 – 334 days - $60, from 331 to 365 days – $95.

Many insurance companies offer service on health insurance, charged from several tens to thousands hryvnyas – depending on number of services and term of the policy. The operators are apparently interested in selling more expensive packages, so specify what options are comprised. It is better if the policy provides you with service by commercial clinics. Taking public healthcare system is considerably underfunded; you may be urged to pay in cash in addition or to buy necessary medicine and consumables by yourself. Besides, representatives of public medical sector don’t speak English in their vast majority.

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