‘Stronger together’

Having got inspired with the aired Ukrainian official direction towards joining the European Family, the EU Delegation in Ukraine launched the information campaign to support this decision. The project, named ‘Stronger together’, aims to deliver information about benefits and opportunities, given if singing up the EU Association Agreement by Ukraine. To present the campaign with a formal ceremony, the leading politicians and officials came (e.g. The European Ambassador to Ukraine J.Tombinski, the Ambassadors of Great Britain, Germany, Sweden and some other countries) as well as the Ukrainian music star and ex-deputy S. Vakarchuk.

The project comprises a number of informational, educational and consultancy initiatives to make the EU valuables closer and more visible for common Ukrainians. Taking the Russian lobbyists have been aggressively hunting for the locals’ minds for years and 77% of Ukrainians (by 'Research and Branding Group' survey, 2012) never leave for abroad, the initiative is definitely up to time on the eve of the ultimate battle in November.

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