Majority of Kyiv residents happy with new patrol police, believe security will improve – poll

The majority of Kyiv residents are happy with the new patrol police in the city, according to a poll conducted by RATING pro information-analytical center.

According to the poll which was posted on center's website on Thursday, 82% of Kyiv residents support the creation of new patrol police in the capital, only 8% are against it.

A total of 69% of the respondents expect security in the city to improve as the result of the new patrol police, 19% believe that everything will stay the same, 2% - things will get worse.

Among those supporting the creation of the police, a total of 82% expect security in the city will improve, and among those against the new patrol police, the most common opinion is that nothing will change (66%).

A total of 42% expect that the creation of new patrol police will improve the fight against corruption, 38% believe that things will stay the same, 4% - things will get worse. In addition, among those supporting the creation of the police, 51% expect the battle against corruption to improve, and those against the creation of the police mostly think that nothing will change (61%).

According to the majority of the respondents the person most responsible for the creation for the patrol police is Deputy Interior Minister Eka Zguladze (39%), 14% believe it's the achievement of President Petro Poroshenko, 8% - Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, 6% - Kyiv Mayor Vitali Kiltschko, 2% - Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk. One third of respondents did not answer

The poll was conducted by RATING Pro center based on the results of the poll by Rating sociological group conducted through July 15-21 in Kyiv. Over 1,200 respondents over 18 years old were surveyed in face-to-face interviews. The selection of respondents represents various ages and both genders. The survey's margin of error was 2.8%.

The new patrol police started working in Kyiv on July 4.

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