Nine thousand Russian soldiers are in Donbas, 60,000 more – in Crimea – Poroshenko

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said that as of today there are 9,000 Russian troops in Donbas.

"Nine thousand Russian soldiers with the most modern weapons have occupied my country. Sixty thousand Russian soldiers occupied Crimea. It is a rude violation of the international laws," the President said in an interview with Austrian Kurier posted on August 2.

Poroshenko noted that Donbas is a part of Ukraine with Ukrainian citizens living in it. "Two things must happen: withdrawal of foreign troops and closing of the border. There's no problem for Ukrainians to find a compromise. It's not a conflict in Ukraine, but an aggression against Ukraine," he said.

When answering the question on how far Russia is ready to go, Poroshenko said that as far as we would allow it, and it concerned not only Ukraine but the whole world.

"Can he [Russian President] attack Finland? Yes. Can he attack Baltic states? Yes. Black Sea countries? Yes. In the east we're not only fighting for the independence of our country, but also for democracy, freedom and safety of Europe," Ukrainian President noted.

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