Switzerland extradites 'citizen K.' wanted for misappropriation of over EUR3.7 mln to Ukraine

The Federal Department of Justice and Police of Switzerland has satisfied the request of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) and extradited citizen K. wanted for misappropriation of funds amounting to more than EUR3.7 million.

"The Swiss Federal Department of Justice and Police in July this year satisfied the request of the Prosecutor General's Office to extradite Ukrainian citizen K. wanted for committing fraud in a large scale. Citizen K. is suspected of misappropriation of more than EUR3.7 million through fraud and abusing trust of the victim," the PGO press service said.

The report states that having received information about finding the suspect in Switzerland in September 2013, under the European Convention on Extradition dated 1957, the prosecutor's office filed a request for his extradition for criminal prosecution.

Citizen K. was extradited to Ukraine on July 27 and handed over to the pre-trial investigation authority.

A source in law enforcement authorities told Interfax-Ukraine that "citizen K." extradited to Ukraine is "citizen Koval," "Criminal talent," who using fraudulent schemes made several-million damage to the Epicenter chain of construction materials hypermarkets.

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