Yatsenuk: We have stored more natural gas than the last year

The natural gas storage facilities in Ukraine have accumulated 17 billion cubic meters of gas, but it is essential to purchase nearly five billion more.

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk made a statement in his TV address "10 minutes with the Prime Minister", Ukrinform reports.

"Our gas storages have now 17 billion cubic meters of gas. This is somewhat more than we had last year, " said the Premier.

He noted that Ukraine took loans to accumulate this volume of gas, which was purchased "twice cheaper than we had bought earlier in accordance with the notorious gas contract."

"We ha paid almost $500 before, now we pay $250," he said.

"In order to end the heating season successfully, we need to buy additional imports of about 5 billion cubic meters of gas. For this end, we have also obtained additional loans to get through the winter with necessary quantities of gas and heating supplied to every household," said Yatsenyuk.

He stated that every Ukrainian should use energy resources in a saving mode.

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