Doctor Sam Network

Doctor Sam is a network of private clinics dedicated to providing 24-hour convenient and qualified medical care for adults and children, in line with international standards of treatment quality and service.

Our vision is to deliver outstanding and compassionate health care by selecting the most qualified physicians and staff, and by advancing client-centered services and technologies. Doctor Sam is headed by a strong team of seasoned healthcare executives and clinicians: it offers a healthy blend of extensive experience in healthcare management in the United States, successful decades-long careers in private healthcare in Ukraine, and impeccable reputations of expert-level clinicians.

We understand the importance of clear communication and feeling comfortable in a foreign environment, especially when it comes to health. Dealing with a medical issue may be a stressful experience, that’s why we’re committed to making each client feel comfortable and safe. With personalized approach to every patient, our team of qualified medical professionals will ensure the best diagnostics and treatment. Moreover, coordinators of the International Department will provide the full guidance related to:

  • Language assistance and individual coordination of each aspect of a treatment plan  
  • Direct billing arrangements for international insurance providers (e.g. Bupa Global, Allianz WWC, etc.)
  • Billing and documental assistance to facilitate insurance reimbursement process
  • Transportation to our partner medical facilities in Kiev



We’re open 24/7

Quality medical care

Safe & Comfortable facilities

20+ medical specialties

Full spectrum of diagnostics

GP/Pediatrician home and hotel visits

Comprehensive healthcare plans & Check-ups

Pharmacy available

Daytime in-patient services

Direct billing arrangements

Pre-employment &
Pre-travel examinations

 Informational, billing and documental support


What makes us unique is our clinical competencies and exceptional customer service. We are committed to providing the best care for every client and strive to meet the needs of those who have entrusted their health to our care.

Doctor Sam Medical Network

1 Sikorskoho Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 04112

20 Drahomyrova Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01103

 +380 (44) 393 92 91

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