Bankomat (ATM) skimmingIf you are new to Ukraine – like any other tourist in any other part of the world there will be some who will try to get your money in whatever way possible. Here are some common scams:

a) Dropped wallet trick – A man drops a bundle of US Dollars in front of you either wrapped in clear plastic or in a rubber band. You pick it up and call out to him “Hey mister – you’ve just dropped something!”. He then thanks you but asks where the rest of it has gone. Cue police arriving (phoney or on the payroll of the crook) to search you and your wallet. Hey Presto – you have been fleeced.

b) Hryvnya – Rubles. They both look the same if you are new here – don’t accept change in ruble notes!

c) Taxis. This could occupy a whole website but basically don’t get in a taxi / car on street if there is more than one person in it or if the driver is drunk or is clearly on speed. Always agree your fare beforehand. If in doubt take a proper taxi – don’t flag one down off the street. If he is wearing backless gloves and has Carlos Fandango stripes down the side of his Lada this could also prove to be a white knuckle ride.

d) Bankomat (ATM) skimming happens in most Cities from time to time... try to use the machine inside the bank.

Basically – if you suspect that there is a scam and you can’t see a victim... it is probably you.

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